Double-sided bristle brush


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In order to effectively detangle and clean your pet’s coat on a daily basis, it is recommended to use a double-sided brush.

Indeed, the double-sided brush is an ideal accessory:

to detangle quickly and effectively for all hair types
to ensure healthy skin and coat
to guarantee shine and softness of the hair
Made by the German brand Trixie, the Double-sided bristle brush makes it easy and practical to smooth and maintain your cat’s coat on a daily basis.

Double-sided brush with pins for cats
Made of ultra-durable plastic
Ensures a good grip via a handle with non-slip rubber coating
Guarantees gentle care of hair and down
For effective detangling and smoothing of the entire coat
Great practicality of the accessory
Helps in good skin health
Contributes to the stimulation of blood circulation
Compatible for the complete brushing of cats with short, medium and long hair
Suitable for curly coat
Color: BLACK and RED


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