Hammock radiator for cat, soothing basket Hairy BLACK


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Perfect for long winter evenings, the hammock heater is designed to meet the needs of the cat by offering an ultra-comfortable area with a diffusion of heat much appreciated by our little

Thus, the hammock heater offers:

A bed with a soothing effect.
A soft zone for a good quality of sleep.
A well-being accessory relieving joint and muscle pain.
Zone of observation and rest, the Basket radiator for cat, soothing hammock Poilu Noir is machine washable.

Cat radiator basket, soothing hammock Poilu Noir
Made from plush polyester
With a removable metal frame
Quality rest & sleep
Stable metal frame
Anti stress
Great security and stability
Optimal observation post
Helps thermoregulation
Relieves joint pain
Compatible with all types of radiator
Black color


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