Monti Extensible Max Wood Stair Gate


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The safety barrier for dogs is a device that helps to assimilate many educational notions and to respond immediately to undesirable behavior in order to avoid or correct bad habits.

Made of oak wood, the Flamingo barrier features:

A sliding lock for easy opening.
A foldable hanging accessory to save space.
Screw fixing for maximum strength.
Compatible for all sizes, the Monti Extensible Max Wooden Stair Barrier for Dogs is to prevent your four-legged friend from accessing certain areas of the house.

Monti Extensible Max Wooden Stair Gate for Dogs
Made of oak wood
educational accessory
With sliding lock
Foldable with screws
Metal suspension system
Quick opening and closing
Adjustable length and width
Space saving
Natural material without risk of injury
Prevents access to certain rooms
Color: WOOD


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