Plastic bath for parrots


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Birds like to have good hygiene, therefore, it is important to provide them with a bathtub so that they can wash their plumage and skin. The bathtub also allows you to cool them down in hot weather.

The bathtub has the advantage of being inexpensive, easy to install and maintain.

Often made of plastic, the bathtub can be made up of 2 parts: the lower part where you put the bath water and the upper part to avoid any splashing of water when your bird is bathing. It is positioned in the bottom of the cage or suspended from the bars with its hooks.

It is recommended to change your bird’s bath water regularly for perfect hygiene.

Plastic bath for parrot and large parakeet
To be hung facing the door of the cage
With its adjustable support
The top of the tub is stained
Colors according to arrival
Dimensions: 16 x 26 x 22cm


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