Professional thinning scissors


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Used to thin the coat and cut the toughest knots, thinning scissors must imperatively certify excellent maneuverability for formidable precision.

The stainless steel lightening scissors ensure:

an ideal use for an impeccable result
comfort and remarkable cutting precision
admirable efficiency and performance
Manufactured by the famous German brand Trixie, the professional thinning scissors guarantee great ease and ideal performance for cutting our pets on all types of beaches.

Professional dog thinning scissors
Highly resistant stainless steel
Perfect for thinning the coat
Recommended for tackling tough knots
Includes adjustable side screw for individual fit
Features a soft rubber damper for quiet cutting
Exemplary ease of use
Ensures professional-grade precision
Guarantees an ideal duration of use
Compatible for grooming dogs with short, medium and long hair
Suitable for curly coat
Color: STEEL


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