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Some dogs like the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, etc. particularly appreciate water toys.

They allow you to refresh your animal while providing physical activity.

It is therefore important to choose a toy adapted and designed for water games to offer the dog interactive moments with you.

The water feature was designed to float in water and thanks to its bright colors it is easily visible. It is often ideal for throwing/fetching. When you throw this water toy, the dog runs after it and brings it back if you teach it the rules of the game. It is a flexible aerial toy and therefore safe for the dog.

This toy allows the dog to expend energy so that he stays in shape, develops his skeleton and his muscles.

The water toy is designed for great games both on the ground and in the water.

Sporting Mot Fun Dog Water Toy
Chew toy made of durable natural rubber and polyester developed by Professor  Lind
This toy has excellent flotation, particularly suitable for water games with the dog.
Motivational play for quick and active games to channel your pet’s energy
Toy with rope handle for a secure and painless hold even when pulled hard
Practical, this water toy floats and is therefore ideal for water play with your dog
For throwing and pulling games
Its color allows you not to lose it during your game
Its dynamic design and colors attract the dog’s attraction and attention
The toy rope allows the dog’s teeth to wear down naturally and thus promote good dental hygiene like dental floss
Expertly Designed, Dog Approved
Color according to arrival
Size: 9/22cm


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